Tickets and fares

Last update: 2015-11-22

Tickets can be bought at the railway stations. In some towns there are also special agencies selling railway tickets. At bigger stations ticketing is computer-based, but in smaller stations tickets are issued manually.

Tickets for long distance trains can usually be bought 45 days in advance. However, for boarding at intermediate stations tickets sometimes can only be bought on the day of departure.

Uzbek railways offer an online reservation for tickets at I haven't tried it yet, but if you have 1st hand experience with that service, it would be nice if you left a comment here or wrote me an e-mail to share this information.

The Afrosiab-highspeed train and other daytime express trains (e.g. 9/10 "Sharq", running between Tashkent and Samarkand) have comfortiable seats in different classes:

Afrosiab-trains: Economy, Business and VIP class.
Other daytime express trains: 1st and 2nd class.

Overnight-trains have up to four categories:

  • spalnyj vagon (SV) - sleeping car with 2-bed-compartments, 18 places per carriage
  • kupe (K) - sleeping car with 4-bed-compartments, 36 places per carriage
  • plazkartnyj (P) - open "dormitory-style" couchette car, 54 place per carriage
  • obshchyj (O) - same as plazkartnyj, but more people in one carriage, 81 places per carriage
SV and O might not be available on all trains. K and P are the default-categories, which are always available.

Ticket prices depend on the type of train and the category. The ticket price is the same for foreigners as for local people.
Payment is in local currency (UZS).

Current ticket prices (in UZS) can be found out here.
Fur currency conversion rates see

Some fare example:

Tashkent - Samarkand by Afrosiab train:
Economy class: ~17 EUR
Business class: ~24 EUR
VIP class: ~34 EUR

Tashkent - Bukhara overnight train:
SV-class:  ~45 EUR
Kupe-class: ~25 EUR
Plazkartnyj-class: ~17 EUR
Obshchyj-class: ~10 EUR

Tashkent - Urgench overnight train:
SV-class:  ~75 EUR
Kupe-class: ~40 EUR
Plazkartnyj-class: ~27 EUR
Obshchyj-class: not available

Tickets of my trip in 2005:

Ticket Tashkent - Samarkand:

Ticket Samarkand - Bukhara:

Ticket Bukhara - Navoj:

Ticket Navoj - Urgench:

Ticket Turtgul - Atyrau (Kazakhstan):


Daniel Zollinger said...

The 2007 prices for the Registon according to the official website:

Стоимость проезда первым классом - 9083 сума, вторым классом - 7142 сума. (1st class - 9083 Sum, 2nd class - 7142 Sum)

dario said...

I send an email or completed the form for that reservation page that you mention and never heard back.
So personally I wouldn't trust it.
Additionally it says picking up the ticket at cash register or at rail station and I dont understand the difference. But they never replied.

My email:
eurovacationexpert (at)

Anonymous said...

I`ve just travelled to Samarkand today, 1st class ticket both ways was 77 000 sum for one person. On the way back we were offered the possibility to occupy the cabin (only two of us) for an additional 40 000 sum paid into the hand of the personnel so we could lay down and sleep.
The train was scheduled to arrive to Samarkand at 10.30 AM, but we only arrived at 13.45 AM so we hardly had time to see the city. Still, even with the heat (39 C)it was a trip well worth the pain.